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In recent years, England’s North West region has launched into exciting new business directions, and currently stands out as a centre for many of today’s leading industrial firms. It is not surprising that it is currently a dominant force in technology businesses, as the region is often cited as being one of the world’s first industrial areas. Acknowledged as an early nucleus of the textile, shipping, coal mining and cotton industries, among others, minor slowdowns in growth in the earlier part of this century and the recent global economic downturn worldwide have not kept the area from exciting and continued economic development.

The Engineering Employers Federation (EEF) has said that it believes the UK is witnessing a fundamental shift in attitudes in favour of the manufacturing sector following the economic downturn, and that the North West region continues to lead on the cutting edge of this development. As head of EEF, Terry Scuoler said: “Manufacturers have been building our future for hundreds of years - and they continue to do so today.”

Bearing this out, many large technology firms have moved to the North West and industry is expanding, retooling plants for more robotic systems, and increasing the hiring that goes along with such growth. Numerous companies in the North West compete on a global scale, and all seek to save money, time, human injuries and workflow slowdown with modern computer-driven manufacturing systems and time-saving robotic assembly, parts-fitting, pressing and forming.

Computer numerically controlled equipment is now the industry standard in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, pressing and forming, as well as countless applications in manufacturing with wood and composite materials, glass, metals and plastics. Skilled employees are needed to program single CNC machines and entire factory systems that often comprise them, as well as edit CNC programs, operate the devices, retool and connect systems for new production, train new employees and numerous related functions.

The span of industry types in the North West is broad and wide, including, defence - BAE Systems Global Combat Systems and BAE Systems Military Air Solutions; nuclear energy - power plants operated by Westinghouse and British Energy; transport - Leyland Trucks; building supplies - manufacturer Hanson plc, paint producer Crown Paints; and other giants such as Ultra Electronics and Rolls-Royce plc. Over 2.2 million CNCs are used worldwide. The North West stands well-situated to employ many of these dynamic technicians to outpace other regions in the years ahead. CNC operators manage critical manufacturing, engineering and other processes, from entering data to operate machines and systems, to fine-tuning powerful functions of the machines during operation.

Many companies provide ongoing continuing education to further develop CNC operators’ skills and improve their employment advancement opportunities. The North West region is a superior place to live, as well, with numerous engaging cities that continue to thrive and offer exciting urban options; yet, there's a wide choice of options for rural living, including pastoral villages with farm life and countryside charm.

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